It's a group fitness thing to be more precise. A group fitness phenomenon from BTS – someone who definitely knows about phenomenons. BTS is a division of The STEP Company, inventors of The STEP®, the original step training phenomenon sold into over 20,000 clubs and a fitness staple for literally millions of participants.

Through The STEP, we learned all about “fitness phenomenons” at the same time we were creating ours. We watched firsthand as thousands of our club members went to STEP classes. While we, on the other hand, went to school.

We learned from the most successful STEP classes that group fitness worked only as well as the programming behind it. The moves, the music, the instruction, the fun and the diversity. Control all that and you have a group fitness phenomenon that truly delivers. For the participant, it's fitness results that are actually fun. For the club, it's member participation and member retention at all-time, record highs.

Today, BTS has a series of group fitness programs that do all of that. Group Power®, Group Kick®, Group Step®, Group Ride™, Group Centergy®, Group Groove™ and our newest program, Group Active™ are the new fitness phenomenons. Each program is carefully designed to deliver a simple, fun and effective social experience independent of barriers like gender, age or fitness level. Each program has been professionally designed by Program Development Teams that include some of the world's most experienced programmers. Each quarter, the team creates a new release, or class, for each program which entails a rigorous and thorough development system.

In addition to the expertise of the Program Development Teams, each program release must be approved by Music Evaluators, Program Test Teams and our BTS Safety Advisory Board. Each program release is tested in 60 classes to 1200 participants in various markets before its official release to clubs and instructors each season; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Once the clubs and instructors have launched the new releases, comprehensive surveys are completed by the clubs and instructors to gain valuable feedback for future program direction. This program development system ensures simple, fun and effective group fitness experiences to get more people moving.

Imagine! Music, moves, programs that never grow stale, results for your club members and your club alike. All controlled and planned, packaged and delivered.

It's something that has phenomenon written all over it. It's group fitness programming from BTS; it is most definitely, a group thing.